Cyclone weather and the rain is setting in…
That day of my cycle where I have a day-long headache and feel slightly feverish…

I just got this Veggie and Lentil Soup happening on the stove and it smells amazing, like in that ‘instantly warm and cozy‘ kind of amazing. Perfect. 

As I stood there and peeled and chopped and stirred, all I could feel (headache aside!) was just how epic it is to do this, right now.

You see, I just couldn’t face my stand up desk today so I have honestly worked from the couch. Yep, half laying down! About a year or so ago I became more aware of how the different times in our cycle affect us and I have finally stopped fighting it. I know, now…, that today is a day of s l o w. Of thinking, of ease, of slow creation and that in a couple of days I’ll be back to normal pace again. No need to fight it, rather use it to my advantage.

So, how lucky am I that I can do just that, slow down when I need. Speed up when I can and dynamically adjust as we go through the month.

Ownership and awareness. 

It’s is much the same with the seasons, we’re going into the thick of Autumn here and we need to check in on what we need. 

It already feels like half of Papamoa has succumbed to this nasty tummy bug that is doing the rounds… I’ve been teaching a lot of late and I always get asked what it is that we do because we’re always ‘so healthy’.

Now, when it comes to your health and winter wellness you really have two choices – 

1. Accept that it’s just what it is, plan for a few weeks of work, assume the kids will drag everything home and just roll with it.

2. Realise that you can actually take ownership of your health, treat it like your most precious asset and manage it proactively.

The secret in ‘what we do’, lies in option 2. As Danielle LaPorte said ‘your health is your new rebellion’ and I just couldn’t agree more!

Looking after your health doesn’t mean that you’ll ‘never catch anything again’ but it sure does give you much better odds! Speaking from our own experience, it makes a world of a difference!

My journey with doTERRA started with OnGuard. I was desperately looking for something safe (read not shaped like a gummy bear, crimson red and full of artificial sweeteners) and effective that I could give my then 3yo son to support his immunity during the winter months. I sure had enough of green snotsicles and everything else that goes hand in hand with preschool.

💜I found OnGuard and I kid you not – it started a MOVEMENT! 💜

We have since rolled through winter, long haul travel, life in general just fine. Well, it is not just OnGuard but more so the mindset that we Own Our Health, we manage it proactively and we choose Essential Oils as our partner in doing so.

I’ve put together this simple ritual for you, this is what we do. 
> > > Print it out and put it on your fridge. Start NOW, not in June and you’ll love the results. Here’s a PDF copy for you!

Have you not got your oils yet? Best place to start is to get a Home Essentials Kit, I can help you out with that right now, just email me on and we’ll sort out the best option for you.