Why do women work with me? What leads them to come to me in the first place?

  •  They are JUST NOT FEELING WELL and they want their energy and power back but they don’t know where to start.

    With get to the bottom the issue, we set some clear goals. We create strategies to enable them to get their energy back – today. We focus on nourishing the body with foods that will energise, we find ways to nourish the mind and the soul. We identify what it is that drains their energy and we discover a whole new level of ‘well’.

  • They want to be able to LIVE THEIR BUSY LIFE and actually have it all. Without having to sacrifice themselves along the way.

    I become their secret weapon. These are driven women, they often know quite a bit about health and wellness but they just run out of time. They are the over achievers, they women that you think can ‘manage it all’. Somewhere along they way they have realised that the way they do this by always putting themselves last. They to everything for everyone else. Work the hardest, always there for the family, kids sorted. But they are starting to feel run down, like they are running out of oxygen. They need to come up for air – they need space and they know that living like this will not work in the long run. We work together to make sure that – first and foremost – they  are healthy and in balance and they find that they can achieve even more and they finally feel fantastic again.

  • They have AN ONGOING HEALTH ISSUE that they just can’t solve. They have often “tried everything” but it still doesn’t work.. They know that there must be a better way and they are not ready to just accept it and “live” with it.

    Together we take a step back and look at the broader issue. We identify where we need to work. We overhaul their diets, we focus on healing foods. We put together strategies that makes it EASY to eat a nourishing and healing diet without feeling depleted or stressed out. We address their Primary Foods, we look at stress, we look at sleep etc etc. Bit by bit, we put the pieces of the puzzle back together. It becomes a snowball effect. A bit better here, a bit better there and all of a sudden – things really start getting better. It can take time sometimes but with consistency and the right guidance – great health will return.

  • They are SICK OF BEING SICK! They are sick of the kids being sick!

    It’s been a looong winter and they have completely lost count of how many sick days, snotty noses and sore throats there have been. They feel like they can never completely break out of the cycle and can’t remember when the entire family was just well. They stress about the kids, know that they should probably ‘eat better’ but where do you start… We break it down, make it manageable, we focus on what really matters. We address the diet. We put a plan together that makes it so much easier to transition the whole family to a healthier way of eating. I give them back a feeling of control, they’ve got this. Bring on spring! They are ready!

They come to me because they know that I am just like them.

They know that I walk the same path. Because I’m a mum, because I know how it is to manage a massive workload with a young family. Because that know how it feels when everything is just spinning. Because I know how confusing the overload of health information can be and how it can just make it even harder. Because they know that I can cut through their overwhelm. Because they know that I won’t just tell them what to do – I will coach them to realise this themselves. I will help them take back their power – so that they can own their health. They will discover how to tune back into themselves again, to feel their bodies wisdom, to be able to listen to their own intuition again.


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