Enough of having the best intentions and falling off the wagon.
Enough of never having any time for yourself.
Enough of signing up to overwhelming challenges that never gets finished.

You want to thrive in your busy life and you know there must be a better way.

Welcome to The Selfcare Society where you will be able to

feel well, every day, by choosing YOU.

It is wellness ‘on tap’ in perfectly controlled doses, along with you for the journey, your sidekick to a better life.

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I am ready to transform my wellness for less than $1/day.

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You know that you need to look after yourself better but for some reason, you struggle with staying committed.
You fall off the wagon and you’re still searching for that ‘thing’.
That ‘thing’ that will work. You know that there are no magic bullets, right?
But, it seems like everyone else have found it and quite frankly, you’re tired of searching.

You’re frustrated that it seems that you’ll never have that breakthrough.
That you’ll never get over the ‘hump’. That you haven’t yet arrived at that place were all the pieces (and the clothes!) fit.
You just wish that something would work.
Nothing fad.

You just know that there is more to it, a bigger picture and that wellness is much more than yogis on Instagram.

Here’s the thing…

while you’re been running around looking for a solution it has been right there, looking back at you in the mirror this whole time.

It’s so easy to look for a solution, a guru, a something that will come and ‘fix us’. We’re busy and with a million things on the go it is easy to reason that ‘we just don’t have enough time’, ‘I’ll get to it later…’ and on it goes. Later never comes and in the meantime the opportunity to live our lives full of energy and feeling well as we do it, is passing us by.

The solution is YOU. You, showing up for YOU. You honouring YOU. You owning YOUR health.

Once I accepted this fact me life changed.

I went from busy, bitter and wrung out to busy, happy and healthy.


A woman who was TIRED. Always tired. That didn’t stop her from going at everything at double-pace though. Incredibly driven and from the outside probably some sort of superwoman. But, so tired! A crease of constant worry about the next thing between the brows. Bags under the eyes as a result of a body that never got to rejuvenate itself. Always feeling drained. Corners of the mouth, tight with frustration. I used to think my frustration was a good thing, a sign that I always tried to better things but really – just another sign of not feeling any grounding. I also see a lack of connection, a lack of inspiration and a lack of passion. Just pushing. Forward. Always forward – never in the now.


Now what we have here is a woman that decided that LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS and that enough was enough. Enough living someone else’s dream, enough of not enjoying the moment, enough always pushing. I decided to fully take ownership of my health. On a holistic level. For me, it involved making some pretty major decisions for myself on how I live my life. It meant tuning back into ME. Prioritising ME. Showing up for MYSELF daily. Doing the work on both an internal as well as an external level that needed to be done. It also means showing up with LOVE for myself and my life every day, accepting that that all we have is NOW and if we do NOW the best possible way – we don’t have to worry about getting the future right.

Now, I am this woman and I’m just about struggling for words to properly paint a picture of HOW different I feel. How different my outlook on life is. How different my every day is.

You see, wellness is not a project, a challenge or something that we ‘take up’ when we have time.
Here’s what I know to be true:

Wellness is a practice:

An ever-evolving journey. Something we commit to as we commit to ourselves and your wellness is your most important asset.

Nothing works if you don’t:

We practice wellness through self-care. By making it our number one priority in everything that we do.
When we do, everything changes.

There is enough time:

The reality none of us have ‘time’, but we all deserve to live amazing lives. I’ve had enough of brilliant women just like you put your wellness on hold while you’re wrecking yourself.

This is why have created The Selfcare Society™ .
To challenge the perception that wellness has to be this complicated matrix of the perfect amount of green smoothies and that feeling ‘well’ is something that we have to achieve.

We can choose wellness every day. Every moment. But we have to make the choice.

I’m so excited to invite you to The Selfcare Society™ where you will be able to feel well, every day, by choosing YOU. It is wellness ‘on tap’ in perfectly controlled doses, along with you for the journey, your side kick to a better life.

The Selfcare Society™ is not a program – it is your compass as you navigate this journey. It will keep you on track, on the right course as you go through your busy days. It will help you to stay connected to your practice of wellness, every day.

We turn our wellness into a powerful practice by:

…connecting back to yourselves, through learning how to tune into our intuition and learning how to trust it.

…we show up consistently as when we do we create momentum and momentum beats procrastination any day of the week!

…and most of all we do it all from a place of love. Love for ourselves as when we do that, we can trust that we will be on the right path.

When we add these three parts together, intuition – consistency – love, we quickly realise that deep breaths, feeling present, strong and generally amazing and ready for anything is completely possible.

Right now. Not in 30 days. Not after bootcamp.


The Selfcare Society™ is my online wellness coaching club. Fully online, run via email and our private facebook group it will be a beautiful part of your day, wherever in the world you might be.

Each month we work to an overarching theme and on a daily basis, you’ll be fed a perfect drip of wellness. It makes wellness so easy and incredibly accessible. Small drips compound and before you know it big changes are taking place!

In detail:

A monthly video training and/or workbook.

Daily wellness drips to keep you in the game, without overwhelming you. (Guaranteed!)

Bi-weekly LIVE trainings or Q&A’s with me.

Access to all my other offerings at VIP rates.
Access to a beautiful community of like-minded women.
A monthly membership subscription of NZ$27, without any strings attached.

It is not a program. Not a challenge. The Selfcare Society™ is the anchor in your wellness practice. You can’t fall behind. You just pick up on a daily basis. No more feeling stink because you subscribed to this 8wk challenge only to find yourself 5wks in and only having opened the first week of emails…

YES! I want in!

I am ready to transform my wellness for less than $1/day.

Yes I want in - Sign me up!

You are ready for The Selfcare Society™because;

YOU know there is a better way– a “whole” way – that cares about all of you.
YOU have had enough of #inspo!The social media highlight reels are only stressing you out…
YOU are ready to commit to yourself– long-term, no big fancy challenges, just showing up for yourself, every day.
YOU are sick of falling off the wagon and you are ready to stay on!
YOU just don’t know where to start…there is soo much information out there!
YOU just want a place where that help you keep your head in the game– remember all those things that you used to do that made you feel great, we’ll remind ya!
YOU crave a REAL version of wellness.With real tools and healthy inspiration that will make a REAL difference to your life. Not in 3 months time – today.

YES! I want in!

I am ready to transform my wellness for less than $1/day.

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