You know that you need to look after yourself better but for some reason, you struggle with staying committed.

You fall off the wagon and you’re still searching for that ‘thing’.

You’re frustrated that it seems that you’ll never have that breakthrough.
That you haven’t yet arrived at that place where all the pieces (and the clothes!) fit.

You know you need to take better care of yourself but you easily get overwhelmed by all the things you ‘should’ be doing.

You tell yourself that you just don’t have time, although you know there really is.

You just don’t have the energy you need to do all the things that you would like to do.

You May Have Given Up Believing Change IS Possible.


Hi, I’m Karoline Jönsson and I’m excited to share the most impactful formula I’ve found to help you finally take ownership of your health and feel empowered when it comes to your wellness.

My approach combines the wisdom of holistic health and wellness with the practical realities of leading a busy life. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Educator, knowing first-hand what happens to life when we lose our wellness to overwhelm and how incredibly daunting and difficult it can be to claw it back. I know what happens when we for too long put ourselves last only to realise that there is not much left of the person we once knew. I also know how incredibly powerful it is to reclaim our wellness and ourselves and that it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as we might think.

You see when we start from a place of love, everything else flows. When we tap into our own intuition, we find the right solution and when we apply that consistently we soar!

I’m not here to be your guru – I am here to guide YOU to become your own guru.

Because only YOU live in your body and once you fully reclaim the guru status – you will Own Your Health and when you do, you’re back in the driver’s seat of your life.

  • Feeling like you are back to you are back to being YOU.

  • You’ve got your POWER back, you feel in charge of your life. You can’t wait to take part…
  • You have found a way to nurture yourself, first, and feel good about it. It has become your solace, your secret weapon!
  • You FEEL good. You’ve got the glow back. No more bloat, no more uncomfy. You know what works for YOUR body and you feel content with the fact that it will only get better from here!
  • You’ve got the strategies to AUTOMATE, INTEGRATE and make staying in charge of your health a natural part of your daily life.
  • Taking time for yourself guilt-free – and feeling energized, confident and excited about life again.


Week 1: A deep dive into Primary Foods. What are Primary Foods – I define it as everything that either nourishes or depletes you in your life but not restricted to the food we chew. We create a powerful understanding about your WHOLE health and give your perspective one what areas of your wellness to focus on.

Week 2:  But, what should I actually EAT? In our second week, we talk about food, the actual stuff we chew this time and remove all mysteries around what you ‘should’ actually eat through understanding my 5 core principles when it comes to eating for wellness. You’ll equip yourself with some really effective, and simple!, strategies, learn to decipher your cravings and drop the guilt.

Week 3:  The Overwhelm Hormone. Understand how our emotions affect our bodies physically and what happens in our body when we experience stress and overwhelm and learn how to manage it.

Week 4: You – Owning Your Health. We go a little deeper this week and get crystal clear on your Heart Centred Wellness Goals which will be key for consistency moving forward. This is where we put it all together, you’ve come out of this well on your way and with a solid plan based uniquely on you.

All throughout the program you’ll discover ways of taking amazing care of yourself, without guilt and ‘shoulds’, in a way that is perfectly aligned with you.

What you will get (the details):

  • 4 transformational weeks:You will completely change the way you look at wellness and you will have the daily actions and strategies to feel amazing, every day.
  • A weekly theme and video masterclass:A weekly video will set the theme for the week and allow you to go a bit deeper into the topic of the week.
  • Daily action steps and motivation: A daily email with an action step, motivation or tools in just the right dose.

What you will NOT get:

  • Information Overload: This program is designed for BUSY women and I guarantee that it will not overwhelm you. It is designed to drip feed you what you need to go on a 4 week wellness journey AND allow you to feel amazing all the way throughout it.
  • Cookie-cutter diets, shopping lists and exercise plans: I just want to be clear on what this program is NOT. This is NOT a cookie-cutter, one size fits all 30-day diet or exercise program. This not a ‘run-yourself into the ground but loose 5kg’ sort of thing. Not at all.

Immediate Benefits from

Day 1

Wellness is not something that we ‘achieve’ at the end of a punishing challenge, it is available to us at all times. You’ll master how to CHOOSE wellness every day through owning your health.


YOU become the GURU


This program is not about me teaching you some ‘secret’ formula. This is about YOU taking back your own power, knowing yourself and your body and becoming your own guru.


Designed for BUSY Women


No drowning in worksheets and shopping lists, let’s be honest – no one gets through all of that and it only causes more overwhelm. From one busy woman to another, let’s be smart about this. Let’s go on an incredible journey together!


When does the program start?

Whenever you are ready! The program is set to start on a Tuesday (any Tuesday!) so you’ll get a Welcome Email as soon as you sign up and the content will be release on the following Tuesday.

How is the program delivered?

The program is fully online and delivered via email directly to your inbox. No facebook groups to keep up with. Just you, me and at your own pace.

What if I am unhappy with Own Your Health?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

More questions?
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on

Welcome to Own Your Health. 

This is where we will completely redefine wellness.

This is where we through CONSISTENCY, INTUITION AND SELF-LOVE finally find the secret to feeling well – TODAY. Not at the end of some type of challenge, but today.

Does it sound too simple? I know, I know. I’ve spent my life searching for a body I love, a mind that feels relaxed and happy and just that feeling that I’m good. I can do everything.

I tried it all myself. All the extremes and everything in between. And what I never realised is that it was right in front of my, the whole time. Actually, more correctly, it was right within me.

You see, here is what I know to be true:

Wellness is not complicated when we do it right. 

Wellness is not complicated when we tune back into ourselves and stop searching for silver bullets. 

Wellness is not complicated when we take ownership for our health.

Because frankly, no one is will or can do that for you. Accepting this simple, yet confronting truth is the first – and most important – step to transforming your wellness. When we own our health we are in charge of our lives.

Life no longer ‘happens to us’, we run it. We have the energy we need to get the most out of every day, the resilience to handle the curveballs and the momentum that will keep us going when we need it the most.

Owning our health means that we have the EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL health foundation we need to do life the way we want to. To live, feeling that we are the best version of ourselves. To keep up with the kids. To go to bed feeling content with the day that has been and excited for next. To lean into life. Lean into our work without fear, tiredness or overwhelm holding us back.