Monday chew me up, Friday spit me out..

By August 13, 2016Uncategorized

WAAA… It’s just spinning. Sometimes you just feel completely overwhelmed. Monday chew you up, Friday spit you out. You know you want more, more energy, more tone, more joy. But how the heck are you supposed to ADD that into the cyclone that is already your week..?!?

The thing is, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD. It gets hard when we attach our health and happiness to this far fetched picture of perfection.. You know like, when I drunken all the green smoothies in the world and lost 10kg AND feel like a box of fluffies – THEN of course if will all just come so easy..

Now first of all – REALITY CHECK – that perfect moment won’t all of a sudden appear.

Then, there are a few reasons why thinking like this is just so unfair to ourselves:

FIRST OF ALL, if you want to FEEL happy, healthy and vibrant you may as well START RIGHT NOW and not hinge something that important to a fictitious moment in the future. Chances are – if you start today you might just find that you can actually channel all those feelings RIGHT NOW.

SECONDLY, we DON’T have to be PERFECT. We don’t have to change everything at once. That IF ANYTHING will only make the overwhelm worse! We can START NOW, by celebrating the good stuff. By making as many ‘good choices’ (OK, sorry – I have a 3yr old…) as possible. Take it one day at the time. CROWD OUT the stress, crowd out the overwhelm, crowd out the empty calories that leave us lacking by NOURISHING YOURSELF. We can start that now. Bit by bit there will be less and less room for things that don’t serve you.

AND LASTLY, and I know this one so well… Although it is the last thing that seems feasible as we battle through the week.. YOU. HAVE. TO. PUT. YOURSELF. F I R S T. No way around it. No ifs and buts. No shortcuts. Sure, you can try to cheat this, goodness knows I tried!, it may feel like it works for a while. BUT the time will come when all of a sudden you have lost something very important. YOU. You’re always just a little bit sick. Don’t really sleep well. You’ve put on weight. Things have gone soft. You don’t laugh as much anymore. Who the fuck has time?!

You’re not attacking life, YOU’RE BEING ATTACKED! You no longer look forward to the weekend so that you can get amongst it – you look forward to it so you can just sit down.

Let’s stop this NOW. Let’s take back the ownership. We deserve more. YOU deserve more. How about we bring it all back. The joy. The energy. The fun. TODAY. Send me a message. Now. Let’s sort this.