How I swapped the boardroom for the lounge floor…

This photo is about 15yrs old (yikes) and from when I lived in Colorado, on top of a mountain and knowing full well – that I could, in fact, move mountains…

I really want to tell you this story, you might need a cuppa, as I know that you might just feel like this too.

When I teach classes people often ask me about my background and why I am so passionate about these oils.

When I describe how my working life has seen me travel the world, laps up on laps, how I cut my teeth in the corporate world in product innovation which lead to a pretty cool six-figure career in global marketing (in the health industry), to leaving all that behind and starting my Health Coaching practice a 1.5 years ago to then, then about 6 months ago do yet another pivot to lead with Essentials Oils, they often get a bit surprised.

Why would you leave all that behind and why are you ‘only’ selling oils now, you’ve got so many talents? It can be a funny thing, this oils business.

To me, the answer is so simple. After so many years of ‘doing it all’ (in the way we’ve been taught to do it all) I finally called my own bluff. You see having a snazzy job, making a bunch of money, pumping breast milk in high heels and a broom cupboard, having a beautiful family that you try to show up for somehow is ‘doing it all’, not ‘having it all’. It’s doing a whole lot of stuff that we think we have to do. The things that my own feminist dreams told me to chase. It does wonders for our ego, we feel like we’re achieving something and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

But the thing that we miss, amongst all of the doing, is life. We put it on hold while we ‘climb to the top’. Only to realise that when we get there, there is not much left of ourselves or the life we were planning for.





I held off taking the leap to become my own boss for so many years, ‘who am I’, ‘when the time is right’.. Letting myself play small, letting my ego keep me safe (he doesn’t like change much), telling myself that I ‘needed that salary’. To be honest, probably doubting that I could replace it on my own.

And then came the tipping point, it seems like we always need one. For me, it was a few things at once:

+ Realising that I was simply not the Karoline I used to know anymore, thinking back to the days when I KNEW I could move mountains and had a fire in my belly. She had been replaced by a frustrated woman, trying to be a mum, while navigating corporate politics and polishing suit wearing egos on a daily basis. Ugh.

+ Realising that most of the women around me were feeling the same way, I knew I just had to find that old Karoline again and create a change for us all. Find a way to having it all, but in a way that we could actually LIVE our lives in the meantime.

+ And then, yep I had to get the big push, the phone call. My dad had a sudden and life-treating medical condition. A blur of leaving NZ for Sweden at a moment’s notice and some big realisations and decisions being made sitting there, by myself mid-air. I knew big change was coming.

The change started with my Health Coaching practice with a fierce commitment to helping women, just like I find their brave and own their health so that they could feel and BE in charge of their lives, NOW. I had the most amazing clients but also wondered how I could DO MORE. There was only one of me and I could only work with so many clients at once. I had a fire in my belly and I wanted to change the world, I passionately believe that we need more brilliant women doing brilliant things and about this time, that old Karoline I told you about started to return and I truly believed that I need to work on a bigger scale!

:: A moment, a drop and so much changed… ::

Around this time I found doTERRA, or maybe doTERRA found me. We used and loved the oils, but more so how they supported us. I’ve always had a medicine cabinet that could be mistaken for a pantry to Essential Oils wasn’t really something new, but these oils – they were different…

They made me feel alive. Empowered. They helped me on an emotional level to a degree that is hard to explain. And yes, my son won the pre-school award for not having a single snotty nose last winter. That was a cool benefit as well!

I couldn’t help but share my experiences with my tribe and soon decided to link arms with doTERRA and the incredible community that we have. I now lead with Essential Oils, proudly.

Why? Because I know the impact they will have on your life. Because I know that if you are willing, they will help you go on one of the most empowering journeys of your life. Because I now get to help and coach so many more women and the ripple effect just gives me goose-bumps. Because through this business I can now actually have it all, on my terms, and also enjoy my life.

Instead of boardrooms and corporate politics, trying to change lives, I now impact lives on a daily basis. For real, not just in an annual report. Actual families experiencing a better quality of life. I also get to use all my skills and talents to build my own business, with leverage. I no longer work ‘alone’ in my business as I have linked arms with the most amazing, and ever growing, group of women just like me – here for something more, something better. I’ve also have had to drop my ego, and all the crap we tell ourselves and get really, really real.

There is a beautiful humility, to sit on a lounge floor and just speak from the heart. To know that what you are sharing will have a ripple effect in the homes that welcome them in that you can’t even explain. I see it every time, so often get the same questions, ‘I think I only need a couple of oils…’, ‘I just really want to help my hubby sleep better…’, ‘I don’t really know where to start.., ‘I’ll have a think about it…’.

I just smile quietly, because I know what will happen. In a few weeks’ time, I’ll get a text, or a phone call. It usually goes something like this….

“I just LOVE the oils… yes, hubby is now sleeping like a baby but there is something else. I, feel so good. It’s like something has shifted. And you know, the other night my 3yo came down with something and I rolled some OnGuard on his feet and popped some Breathe in his diffuser and he woke up so happy. I’m just so stoked to be able to do that!…”

Taking ownership of your health is a big thing. No doubt we need medical support and expertise and I’m not advocating replacing that in any way, but being able to reach for something safe and natural is incredibly empowering. At doTERRA we hold a vision of a ‘healer in every home’, like way back when. We need to feel like we’re in control when we had over something as precious as the wellbeing of our own bodies and our emotional health to others we feel un-empowered and that is not a good place to be.

So if you’ve been thinking about it, not quite been sure. Or, if you’re ready to start doing life on your terms then just take the plunge. It starts with the oils, grab yourself a starter kit, big or small, and just start.

I’m here to welcome you with open arms, ready to coach and support you – every step of the way.