How I eat 9 cups of veggies in a day…

Now, that title is not supposed to sound pretentious or paint some sort of picture of me being this untouchable health nut. Well, I’m a bit of a health nut, but certainly not untouchable!

I’m just like you. I’m a mum. A pretty busy one. I’m an entrepreneur, building my wellness empire ;). I get up before the sun rises, I do all the kids stuff. I cook all the food. I run my biz, I support my team. I go back into mum mode and then I usually work again all night… I try to move my body every day but it doesn’t always happen. I’m prone to get a bit stressed out – I try to deal with it. I’ve got some secret weapons and one of them is veggies. I know right… groundbreaking!

Veggies are seriously THE MOST underestimated medicine. In my Health Coaching practice, I tell my clients, day in and day out – to DOUBLE YOUR VEGGIES. I don’t care how much you already eat, we can all do with a bit more. I’m currently in the middle of running my signature #ownyourhealth 4-week programme with an amazing group of women and they have done a great job taking up this challenge.

What are they noticing?

Well, first of all, they are CROWDING OUT other foods. There is simply less space left on the plate! I love the concept of crowding out as rather than creating a list of exclusions, which we all know will only make us feel deprived and turn us into rebels.., we include as much nourishing foods as possible and by default crowd out the foods that don’t serve us. Genius trick!
They are also feeling so much more energised, brain fog is gone, skin is more radiant, digestion better. I could go on and on.

Now, as I like to walk my talk I thought I’d show you a typical day in my life. I challenge myself to get in 9 cups of veggies/day and although that might at first sounds crazy, my hope is that this will show you how eminently possible it is.

Great health and abundant energy is readily available to you if you choose to accept it! I swear, if you do this – you WILL be noticing a SURGE in energy within days! No joke.

Here we go!

5.30am – Good Morning (early bird…). Love to get up before the fam to get my #nourisingrituals in. Today I drank a tall glass of water, did a quick workout and journaled my intentions for today. Ready for the day!

6.30am – Glass of Apple Cider Vinegar in luke warm water. This does work wonders for my digestion and energy levels.

7.00am – Breakfast. Big green smoothie. Spinach, cashews, blueberries, cacao, maca, cinnamon, water. 2.5 CUPS OF VEG.

10.00am – Morning tea. A bowl of leftover salad and a long black.  1 CUP OF VEG.

12.30pm – Lunch. A classic… Zucchini, carrot and red onion fried in coconut oil. ½ avo + fried egg 3 CUPS OF VEG.

3.30pm– Afternoon tea. Didn’t need much today, a small handful of macadamias and a plum. Yum…

6.00pm – Dinner. Massive salad with roast beetroot, spinach, cucumber, carrot, avo, pumpkin seeds. Small piece of crispy skin chicken thigh and a bit of sauerkraut. 2.5 CUPS OF VEG.

And – this doesn’t happen often but it was so hot – Dessert: Peach slushies. Whizzed a peach in the blender until it turned to pulp, added a couple of handfuls of ice and a couple drops of Wild Orange Essential Oils and whizzed until just right. Enough for the 3 of us. 1 min dessert!

Honestly, like you see – it’s nothing fancy. No complicated recipes. Just real food and a whole heap of veggies. I like to keep it simple and achievable. Every now and then I might prepare a ‘dish’, you know – something that has a ‘name’, but most of the time this is how we eat. Some form of protein, a good bit of fat and a WHOLE HEAP OF VEGGIES. Mostly raw, or lightly cooked. Because that’s easy and as a bonus – really great for you.

I really do hope I have inspired you to up your veggies and that it seems doable!

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