How do you practice self-love if you honestly struggle to love yourself?

There is so much talk on social media at the moment about self-love and body acceptance. I really do welcome it. It is about time we started this conversation and about time that wellness became something more than a physical image.

But, and there is a but…

How do you practice self-love if you honestly struggle to love yourself?

How do you ‘accept your body’ if you still cringe every time you look in the mirror?

As women, we are so quick to beat ourselves up about not being good enough and if while told to just ‘love and accept’ ourselves we honestly really struggle to do just that… gosh, it’s like a double whammy. It takes the whole not being good enough to another level!

And what if your body actually doesn’t feel that good? What if you are constantly struggling with energy and always getting sick? Can you still ‘accept’ it?

It can all be just a bit challenging! It also gets very personal to me as loving myself AND my body has been something that I have struggled with the majority of my life. I spent most of it feeling very disassociated with my body, punishing it, judging myself very harshly and constantly feeling like I’m not good enough. All while all the evidence in my life suggests otherwise but if you’re not ready to see it – you simply won’t.

Something (actually everything!)  has changed in the last few years and I feel I have finally landed where I want to be with this. It’s been a journey and taken, and still does, work. But a good kind of work this time, not the punishing kind as I would have chosen in the past.

I’m going to try to break this down for you… This is a very tricky territory to navigate!

For me, it comes down to how I look at wellness.

For you to feel well and be well, the WHOLE of you has to feel well and be well.


Wellness is a powerful mind, a loving soul, a strong body…

  • First of all, we need to look at ourselves as something bigger, something more whole, than our body. Yes, we have a physical body, but we also have an emotional and spiritual body. They are all part of who we are. Together they make up the whole. 
  • We don’t have to ‘accept’ ourselves. We simply Accepting, to me, assumes that there is still a level of judgment that we listen to. From others or ourselves.
  • Love is something that grows and something that you can cultivate so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not ready to fall head over heels in love just yet…

 But how do we get there?

Practicing self-care is one of the most powerful ways to cultivating that love.

To connect back to you. To honour yourself.

I talk a lot about selfcare these days and as a woman and a health coach who works with women, just like me, every day I really feel it is the missing piece.

Even the simple act of calling that thing we do to look after ourselves self-care brings consciousness to it and helps grow and cultivate that love.

Accepting that we can actually care for ourselves, that we have permission to do it and the world won’t implode if we do…

So many things that we experience in life, physically, emotionally, health wise, stress wise can be improved if we just started with ourselves.

Once we make the space for self-care without the external pressures of should’s and would’s the journey to finally show up with love for ourselves, or self-love goes so much easier.

I honestly believe that our world would be such a better place if we all just showed ourselves a bit of love, first.

Honouring ourselves first, prioritising ourselves. Sounds scary? Impossible? Or maybe like it’s about time?

I would love to invite you into my FREE 5-day Wellness Reset. You can start whenever you’re ready.

It is designed to help you, guide you and inspire you on your wellness journey and to make sure that you do it with love, not punishment. The enable you to become your own wellness-guru through connecting back into your own intuition (which know so much more about YOU than any other guru…) and finally to help you stay consistent because consistency really is the secret sauce. Everything gets easier with a bit of momentum.