Back to School Essentials – Part 2 Emotions

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This photo gets me every time. I took this a  couple of years ago, dropping my little man off at pre-school. So sweet. And what looks like two little mates out for a walk, is just that but it is also a picture of Batman taking Spiderman’s hand because Spiderman wasn’t feeling to flash that morning and wasn’t that keen on mum leaving.

Batman, as always, to the rescue, leading a little sobbing Spiderman to the gate for a last wave goodbye to mum. I was very thankful for Batman that morning…

Going back to school is so much more than bugs and snotty noses, early mornings and lunch boxes. It is also big worlds and little people, anxious tummies, stressed out mums and worried dads. New friendships, or in our case, leaving some (and now I’m honestly choking up) diehard friendships behind as my son’s ‘band of brothers’ at pre-school split up and head to different schools.

Whether it’s daycare, preschool, the first year of school or year 4 or hey, even uni – it’s a time of transition. 

Essential Oils are as you know amazing for supporting our physical body but did you know how hands down incredible they are when it comes to supporting our emotions? For any of you who have attended any of my workshops, you’ll know this is the bit that I’m so passionate about. It works, it works fast and I also believe that a lot of the ailments that may present physically have an emotional root cause. So we better look after ourselves, right?

Below are some things that we use to do just that…

PS. Last week I wrote about the Back to School Essentials we need to keep our bodies healthy – check out Part One HERE

Here are my top tips on how using Essential Oils can support you and your kids in the transition back to school – Emotionally. 

They support us in so many ways, physically, environmentally and emotionally and they also help us create beautiful routines and rituals.

First up, Balance – our Grounding Blend: 

Ahh, this was really my first oil love and probably one that I still use the most. Also then ONE that every single person I ‘make’ use this, LOVEs this… It’s made up by a number or tree oils, trees with deep roots, helping our feel grounded and calm… This is zen in a bottle.

How would you use it? 

  • It comes pre-mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil so you can use this topically without any further dilution. 
  • I inhale this deeply and also rub it under my feet in the morning to physically ground me down on earth. 
  • I love running it along my little one’s spine if he’s feeling frazzled in the am. 
  • If the whole house is a bit mad in the mornings, try diffusing it for instant peace. Epic together with Citrus Bliss. 


Console – our Comforting Blend: 

Like being wrapped in a warm, heavy blanket… An instant ‘ahhh…’ when you need a hug, when a hyper little one needs to calm down, when the world is just a bit big. One of our Emotional Aromatherapy Blends and an absolute emotional toolkit must have. I love getting this in a handy roller bottle which makes it so easy to use.

How would you use it? 

  • Kids anxious for school in the am? Roll it on their collars. Or, here’s a trick! Roll in on their forearm, so they can do a ‘snot-wipe’ motion at school and get a bit of a calming sniff… works a treat. 
  • If they can handle it, leave it in the school bag for them to use when they need a bit of support. 
  • Roll it all over yourself and you try to contain yourself at the gate, that first day of school. Eeek…


Citrus Bliss – our Invigorating Blend: 

A warm, citrusy blend of Clementine and Vanilla, smells like Creamsicles. Like you want to eat it (but please don’t!). This is our happy blend.

How would you use it? 

  • I talked about creating little moments of connection and rituals in the morning, which makes everything so much easier. Along with a roll of our OnGuard immune blend, a drop of this goes under the collar or on the hair behind the ears as we head out the door. Always brings on a BIG smile :). 
  • Diffuse, beautiful with Balance. 
  • (As this is a citrus oil, you need to be careful with sun exposure so not directly on skin that will see the sun)


DigestZen – the tummy tamer: 

This is not a ‘conventional’ emotional oil but one that works a treat. It did, literally, save my guts as we got hit with a tummy bug last weekend but in this context I would like to talk about it as the tummy tamer. We hold a lot of our unprocessed anxiety in our tummy area. Anxious little tummies often turn into sore litte tummies, just how our emotions manifest on our physical body.

So many times have I seen this oil work wonders on upset little tummies (and our own for that matter!). A drop in the tummy button, massaged in a circular motion can settle a lot of stress…

I’m so thankful I’ve got these tools for myself, and for my family, they make me feel hugely empowered and are something that we have all learned to use and turn to, first. Because you know, we Batman (as amazing as he may be) will not always be there to save the day…