Back to School Essentials – Part 1

Our big Swedish adventure continues and we now embark on the last few weeks here before we head back home. Once there, it’s straight into school visits for our very excited little man and then come March he’s a schoolboy. Makes me feel rather excited and freaked out at the same time… 

For many of you, kids go back to school next week and I have to say I can finally relate a bit more to the whole long holiday thing.  This is the first real extended time off we’ve had together (after finally escaping the 20days of corporate life). It has been great but also a real challenge. I end up feeling to torn sometimes.

I know that this time is really special and we’ll look back at it knowing how blessed we were having these months together before Cooper starts school. On the other hand, we are all people who thrive on routine and sometimes it really gets to us. Not being in our own home, being completely out of routine for so long and more so having no childcare. I really crave my own space and time to myself. A few good hours to get absorbed into my work. Not having to argue about ‘who gets to work today’… And then when I get little nudges of resentment I feel hugely guilty… I’m sure you know what I mean!

I saw this quote from Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles yesterday – a very important reminder that we have to be our own source of happiness. This is not anybody else’s job. 

“You water you. I water me. We water each other from the overflow. And together, we keep growing.”

Happiness is an inside job, right?

Now, back to school right? Scroll down for some top tips for making this a bit easier for all.

Here are my top tips on how using Essential Oils can support you and your kids in the transition back to school.

They support us in so many ways, physically, environmentally and emotionally and they also help us create beautiful routines and rituals.

First up, On Guard – our Protective Blend: 

A mix of Cinnamon, Cloves (some of the most potent antioxidants in the plant kingdom), Wild Orange and Rosemary this blend supports the immune system and helps ward off any back to school germs and bugs.

How would you use it? 

  • Diffuse it when the kids get home from school, this helps kill off any airborne bugs that get dragged home from school. Being an emotionally protective blend it creates an instant feeling of comfort and security, perfect to help them relax home.
  • Mix with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to feet and along the spine in the morning to help support their immune systems. This works a treat!
  • Soak the lunch box apple slices in water with a few drops of OnGuard for a few minutes. Prevents browning AND makes a great, immune boosting snack for the kiddos.



I love the simplicity of Lavender, so easy to get a bit fancy on things sometimes that we forget about some of the most basic, and powerful oils. Lavender is so calming, helps our busy brains wind down and relax to sleep.

How would you use it? 

  • A drop in the night time bath to prepare for sleep.
  • Diffuse in the bedroom to help hyped up kids, or stressed out mums to relax.
  • And, my fave way. A bed-time massage. Such a beautiful way to re-connect with your child. Mix a little lavender with some Fractionated Coconut Oil and create a bedtime routine with a little message. Lavender is also the Oil of Communication and you might just find that you (finally!) get your little one sharing some thoughts about his or her day.
  • Bonus, Lavender is an amazing first aid oil as well – you’ll love it for small burns and scrapes and dry/itchy skin.



Peppy Peppermint, The Oil of a Buoyant Heart. A kick in the behind when you are


opens the airways when you feel a bit stressed out, soothes the digestive system AND – you’ll love this right now, is beautifully cooling.

How would you use it? 

  • Diffuse it in the morning, will get the family moving in no time!
  • Add a drop or two to your fave blissball recipe for a refreshing, natural flavour that does wonders for the digestive system.
  • Inhale straight from the bottle or rub between hands to and inhale deeply to wake up!
  • Add a few drops to a 30ml spray bottle of water for a cooling, refreshing mist. Ah-mazing this one!



The Oil of Clarity and focus. I use Lemon in so many ways, every day. Love it in my water first thing to help my body detox. But in the context of school, let’s call it the ‘homework oil’. Aromatic Anchoring, or using our senses when we learn helps our brain retain information and helps us focus. Set up the diffuser with a bit of Lemon by the kid’s homework station and notice the difference


There is so much more, I’ll be back next week with a few more tips.