Oh Kaye, your words warm my heart.

You see, this is it. The reason I do what I do but when it comes down to it I passionately believe that our world so desperately needs MORE BRILLIANT WOMENT DOING BRILLIANT THINGS. Yep, I completely screamed that at the top of my lungs… And the things it, we just can’t do that if we crash and burn.

So thank you, Kaye, for verbalising that so perfectly. And for being one of all the brilliant women. xx

I’m Karoline Jönsson and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Educator, knowing first-hand what happens to life when we lose our wellness to overwhelm and how incredibly daunting and difficult it can be to claw it back. I know what happens when we for too long put ourselves last only to realise that there is not much left of the person we once knew. I also know how incredibly powerful it is to reclaim our wellness and ourselves and that it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as we might think.

You see when we start from a place of love, everything else flows. When we tap into our own intuition, we find the right solution and when we apply that consistently we soar!

My approach combines the wisdom of holistic health and wellness with the practical realities of leading a busy life.

Because only YOU live in your body and once you fully reclaim the guru status – you will Own Your Health and when you do, you’re back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Through my signature Own Your Health™ programme I help you discover ways of taking amazing care of yourself, without guilt and ‘shoulds’, in a way that is perfectly aligned with you. It is an incredible feeling.

When we work together, you’ll discover that you are most powerful when you take charge of your own wellbeing by consistently connecting to yourself with love. You’ll create simple, nourishing rituals so you can thrive no matter what you’re juggling. And you’ll learn to set meaningful, heart-centred goals, and go for them in a way that honours your value and worth.

So How Did I Get Here?

It all started when I realised that being well on track to reaching my corporate career goal was actually not at all what I wanted. It was just what I could (smart cookie..) and should (lots of $$) do. I loved my job but it was killing me. My feminist ‘dream’ of doing it all – being a mother, having a big job, staying on top of everything – was not all it cracked up to be. I was missing the balance. I was missing the feminine. And I realised that what I really loved about my job was coaching other women to handle it all. To find their voice in a very masculine world. To trust their own intuition and power. To figure out how to get through the week. To be able to stay healthy and semi-sane despite intense work and family commitments. It became clear to be that this is why I was going to work every day; to be an example for them, to pave the way, to ensure they stayed in their power and kept leaning in. And, to hold myself accountable to my own ‘dream’.

Well, to be honest – the above was just the catalyst. It all started much earlier than that.

I’ve spent over 17 years in the health and wellness industry spanning a diverse range of areas from big boss marketing girl for one of NZ’s fastest growing wellness companies to skiing and snowboarding and finally landing in my passion as a health coach working with busy women to take ownership of their health and I’m on a mission to help women thrive in their busy lives and live a life fuelled by passion.

Because too many women step away from their dreams because they can’t find a way forward, or burn out after sacrificing their health for their careers. The more you try to push through the overwhelm, exhaustion and disconnection, the further you slide from who you really are.