7 journaling prompts for wellness that will bust self-sabotage and procrastination

I talk a lot about intuition and the importance about ‘tuning in’. Why? Because you are a pretty amazing human with all manner of wisdom inside. I call it accessing your own power, it’s like turning on the light.

We are drowning in information and good advice and it is so easy to get a bit lost. A bit disconnected to ourselves as we look to the health guru’s to tell us the secret recipe for health and happiness…

Can I just make one thing VERY, VERY clear:

YOU are the guru.

You see, only YOU live in your body. Only YOU actually FEEL what you feel. Only YOU know what you really think. Only YOU have your unique and innate wisdom.

So, please, stop looking for someone to tell you the answers and start tuning into YOU.

Only YOU can truly crack the wellness code for you. Only YOU can make you feel amazing. Only YOU can give you your energy back.

It can feel confronting and even disappointing! Would be so much easier right if someone or something could just sort us for us.

It can make you feel alone. Like fark… I need to sort this?! Why do I have to sort everything!!! I wish something could just come easy for once!!!

I can, and you don’t have to feel like that.

Being your own guru is hugely empowering and when we are, it does come easy.

It means that we tune-in and acknowledge the wisdom we have within.

That we have developed a level of awareness and understanding into our own body, mind and soul so that we understand what is happening and know what to do about it.

It means that you’ve got your own back.

It means that YOU honour YOU.

So start tuning in. You’re not lost. You are the guru. Feel empowered.


So how do you do that?

Well, I’d recommend that you get your journal out as often as you can. It’s such a powerful tool! I use mine a lot, most days, but I also go through period where I ‘fall of the wagon’. And what happens then?

Well, what I have realized is this:

  • when I don’t journal I start to procrastinate. On everything. I avoid doing the important stuff, rather opting for ‘busy work’.
  • when I don’t journal I get stuck in my head. Overthink things, complicate things, stress about detail that really doesn’t matter.
  • When I don’t journal I loose the connection to my ‘WHY’ and when that happens I loose my perspective. And when I loose my perspective… I think you know the rest of that sentence!
  • Simply put when I don’t journal I am on a high-way to overwhelm. It compounds and affects all areas of my wellness. I don’t move as much, I crave different foods that normal etc etc…
  • it gets harder and harder to pick up the journal the longer it has been. Even if I do I find myself sitting on the couch with it, but scrolling on my phone (!).
  • and, when I finally pick it up it’s like I take my first breath of oxygen in a long while and I’m off! Focussed, happy, on task, back in my power.

So – ready to go? Below are some of my favourite journaling prompts to get you going. Pick one and give yourself 10-15 min to just free write. And then repeat tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day… Find that power of yours!

“My declaration to myself…”

Why do we let that self-sabotage creep in? Well here is the irony, self-sabotage is a big one for me and when I journal it is non-existent. When I don’t it rears its ugly head within days and then perpetuates the cycle. So, this morning a sat down, took a big breath of oxygen and I wrote a declaration to myself. Felt incredibly liberating!

Think about an area where you might be holding yourself back for no good reason, about how you talk to yourself, where you might be procrastinating or an area where you feel an old story is running the show – flick it and write your declaration.


“20 absolutely amazing things about me…”

As we are smack-bang in the darkest period of the year and it really is just a bit cold it is so easy to just go into hibernation mode and ‘manage through’. Before you know it, weeks has gone past and you just feel a bit out of alignment.

Connecting in with yourself, through a journaling practice is such a simple way to do this. And the best part, can be done on the couch with a cup of tea!

So, drop down and give me 20… Yea, I know. This will either be easy-peasy or pretty uncomfortable. Either way, get them down!


“I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

My favourite way to start writing in my journal… “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

Write your dreams, your goals, your desires as if they were already your reality.

…I’m so happy and grateful now that I wake up feeling vibrant and strong every day.

…I’m so happy and grateful now that I am fully aligned with my purpose.

…I’m so happy and grateful now that my family and I …

You get the picture.  An incredible way to start your day!

What are you grateful for today?


“What I most want to attract into my life…”

Write as if you had no limitations…

And, here is the powerful part, finish your journaling with an invitation for support. From the universe, from your family, from source. Whatever sits with you.


“When I … I flow!”

You know that feeling when you get so immersed in something? You forget to eat, time stands still and you’re just in your zone? That is your flow, your genius at work!

It’s easy to forget about it as we get caught in our day to day routines but that space, that space of total flow and joy, that is where you top up your happy tank. Where you access boundless energy!

This prompt will help you re-discover it and when you do, I challenge you to go there.


“3 things that I value about myself…”

I did an interesting exercise yesterday. It was time for some forgiveness so I grabbed my journal I wrote down all the things that I forgive myself for. The pen flowed, I filled page after page without any struggle. Man – there was a LOT!

Then, as part of my daily journaling practice, I wrote: “3 things that I value about myself…”

And, yikes… all of a sudden, the pen stopped, my head got in the way and I struggled! What is up with that?! We are so good and listing our own shortcomings or ‘faults’, but what we value?? Hard.

So that is my challenge for you, write down 3 things that you really value about yourself. Be specific.

You could, for example, write ‘I’m a great mum’, but go deeper… Maybe, “I’m an amazing and loving mum with the warmest and most comforting cuddles”. Or, you might write “I’m healthy and strong”, going a bit deeper might take you to “I have strong and capable legs that can take me on whatever adventure I set my mind to”.

You get the drift.

If you feel resistance, please make yourself do this.

“What would move me forward, right now?”.

It’s easy to make progress seem too big so adding the ‘right now’ allows us to just move, gain momentum. Everything is easier with a bit of momentum. Ever tried riding a bike real slow? It’s a pretty wobbly ride!

So get your journal out and ask yourself the question and start gaining some momentum.

Maybe moving forward is all about closing a bunch of open loops. They stress you out and stop you from progressing. I guarantee that you’ll feel lighter straight away!

I would love to hear how you go, feel free to comment below.

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