You've been incredibly busy, you're feeling run down and with the spring sunshine arriving you feel like it's time to hit the 'reset' button! You're ready to get your energy back.  

Just the thought of where to start is making you feel overwhelmed and you know there must be a better way…  

Join me for our FREE 5-day Wellness Reset Challenge where you over the course of 5 days will reset your body, mind and soul to help you ditch the overwhelm, release what is stressing you out and reclaim your wellness.  

You'll need to invest about 10-15min a day, simple - but so powerful! 

How does it work? Day 1 - Reflect: Create a WHOLE view of your health & wellness. Day 2 - Release: Letting go and creating space for new energy. Day 3 - Reset: Understanding your Heart Centred Wellness Goals Day 4 - Nourish: Crowding out what doesn't serve by introducing #nourishingrituals. Day 5 - Affirm: Setting our intentions and calling it in!

What will you get? 

  • A daily video delivered into your inbox with a ~5min video, via email, introducing the daily exercise.  
  • The daily exercise will take about 10-15min.  
  • Challenge fb-group to help inspire and empower you. Oh, and there might be some juicy giveaways in here as well... 

Hi, I’m Karoline Jönsson and I’m excited to share the most impactful formula I’ve found to help you finally take ownership of your health and feel empowered when it comes to your wellness. 

My approach combines the wisdom of holistic health and wellness with the practical realities of leading a busy life. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Educator, knowing first-hand what happens to life when we lose our wellness to overwhelm and how incredibly daunting and difficult it can be to claw it back. I know what happens when we for too long put ourselves last only to realise that there is not much left of the person we once knew. I also know how incredibly powerful it is to reclaim our wellness and ourselves and that it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as we might think.  

You see when we start from a place of love, everything else flows. When we tap into our own intuition, we find the right solution and when we apply that consistently we soar!  

I’m not here to be your guru – I am here to guide YOU to become your own guru.

Because only YOU live in your body and once you fully reclaim the guru status – you will Own Your Health and when you do, you’re back in the driver’s seat of your life.