2016 – The Learnings. Part 2.

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2016 Review: Part 2.

So – from everything that happened last year (see Part 1 – The Journey) there was certainly a few learnings.

Every cloud has a silver lining right and I reckon the biggest silver linings we get are the learnings that are offered to use as we face challenges – be it positive or negative.

The awesome thing is that when we choose to live consciously with awareness the learnings present themselves so clearly!

I said I was going to write a list – so here it is: My key learning that I choose to take with me into this New Year.

  1. We all have stories. Stories that create fear and limiting beliefs. Stories that hold us back from fully stepping into our power. WE CAN SET OUR STORIES FREE. By acknowledging them for what they are, understanding where they came from and honouring the part they have played in our life so far we can thank them and send them on their way AND CHOOSE A NEW REALITY.

…and just saying (from lots of experience this past year!)…. If we don’t address them they WILL KEEP SHOWING UP as challenges. Over and over again. They’ll keep smacking you in the face until you finally accept that you’ll have to do the work and set them free. It never stops, it won’t be perfect but once we have the AWARENESS we’re 99% there.

  1. WE CAN MANIFEST OUR REALITY. Actually, we all do, all the time – whether we like it or not. Subconsciously, on a daily basis, we design the reality we live. If you are not enjoying your current reality that statement can be hugely confronting. Everything that we are experiencing right now, we have been manifesting – through our language, self-talk and the actions we choose to take.

 This was a big one for me and I certainly took some convincing. All the social media ‘ manifest your dream life – bla bla’ hype used to really annoy the crap outta me!

But, as it seems – I had a big story to let go of. One of ‘having to do it all myself’. Accepting support and accepting that someone (even the universe?!) has my back has been a very humbling and liberating experience. Once I set this story free STUFF STARTED HAPPENING…

What I have learned is AS YOU MANIFEST YOUR ULTIMATE OUTCOME YOU HAVE TO SURRENDER TO THE SOLUTION. If you are trying to plan how it is all going to pan out, you are trying to control it. You have to let go – and sit in trust. LIKE, REALLY FOCUSSED ACTION TAKING TRUST – BUT STILL TRUST. Sounds scary? Hello, Story! 

  1. LETTING GO OF PERFECTION SETS US UP TO SOAR. Once we let go of the need for things to be perfect it frees us up to take action and move forward. Moving forward creates momentum. Momentum creates good energy. You get the picture… PERFECTION HOLDS US BACK AND SUFFOCATES OUR DREAMS.
  1. The only thing, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS SELF LOVE. There, I said it. This is actually the only line that I should have written. Simple as that. This has been a big and VERY hard to swallow lesson for me. One that I have rebelled against with all my might! One that I have tried to prove wrong, over and over again, by fixing something else. Doesn’t work. Oxygen mask on me first. Oh, how repulsively selfish that feels. But what I have had to learn and am starting to accept that if I honour and love myself – EVERYTHING ELSE AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER OFF. The cliché of not being able to pour from an empty cup is oh so true. It is such a hard one for me to accept that I must simply just do it. I can’t try to negotiate this one with myself, I won’t win.

So – for 2017 – my big word is LOVE. Simply love. If I can make every decision from a place of love, look at my world through a lens of love, choose to learn from the teacher of and love and honour myself in everything that I do – I have no doubt in my mind that this year will be nothing short of magic.


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