10 things that might just happen when you bring Essential Oils into your life!

I thought I’d just try to “summarise” it for you!

1. You’ll fill a gap you didn’t know even existed!
Well, you probably had a hunch, a longing, a desire… Something led you here in the first place. When you equip your home with something as vibrant and powerful as Essential Oils, only then you realise what you have been missing. It’s how they make you feel. How they create an incredible atmosphere. How they make you feel so connected.

2. You no longer have to trade off efficacy against ‘natural’…
To be honest this is where this adventure all started for me. My son was 3 at the time, it was mid-winter and he was equipped with the standard pre-school attributes of green snot and a cough that seemed to last all winter. Always turning to mother nature for options first I found myself in a bind. The natural cough elixirs where all basically sugary syrups and don’t get me started on those vitamin-gummy things! I wanted to supplement his diet, naturally and help his little immune system along and I found these Essential Oils. OnGuard and Breathe changed our winters forever! Not a single snotty nose last winters, no tummy bugs and only a short-lived cough that we could deal with real quick.Yep, it works and no, no sugary syrups. Just pure and powerful plant extracts.

3. You will, literally, come alive.
This is the things that fully hooked me. Being a Health Coach and a lifelong nutrition nerd I’ve also always been a supplement snob. I fully believe that we need to support our bodies beyond our diets. But, and here is the but – when I take supplements I take them because I BELIEVE in them. I don’t feel anything per say and the main outcome would be the no-show of disease or sore joints for example. It’s a bit like insurance. If you’ve ever tried to convince your better half to take three caps of fish oil a day you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Now, enter pure and potent Essential Oils. When I use them I FEEL something, straight away. There is an instant emotional or physical response. Best way to describe it is that I feel like they are alive and when I use them every cell in my body comes alive! Instant gratification, thank you.

4. You will become much more in-tune with your physical and emotional wellbeing.
I absolutely love this part. When you have this toolkit in your home something happens, you quickly realise that you can make yourself feel better, fast, so you tune-in. You will, sub-consciously, starting ‘feeling’ a bit more. Start checking in more. Start thinking about what you need more. That my loves, is powerful.
This goes for the least likely suspects in the family as well! The number of stories I hear about certain oils vanishing from the kit only to be found in garages, gym bags, cars… Yep. Prepare to have your mind blown…

5. Your kids will blow your mind (again)…
Kids are just awesome. Period. They let themselves feel what they feel, without trying to second guess things and overthink what is right or wrong. If it feels good it is good, simple as that. Watching your little ones interact with oils will blow your mind. They have an incredible way of picking just the perfect one and they seem to know, intuitively, just which one they need. Giving them a tool to help regulate emotions at an early age tune into what they need is an incredible gift.

6. You might even start enjoying cleaning the house.
I know I’m pushing it a bit here but I’m actually serious. If you currently have the standard set up of a cleaning kit with commercial spray and wipe, dishwashing liquid that is neon green and smells suspiciously lemony, window cleaner that makes your eyes water, oven cleaner that requires the family to leave the house for a few hours then you’ll love what is coming at you. Our bodies have to work so hard to deal with the environmental stressors caused by synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and god knows what else is in those things. You’ll find that replacing them with Essential Oil based cleaners, which are so easy to make, is safe, effective and very, very beneficial to your health. And yes, they smell ah-mazing! Try wiping your benchtop down with a drop of Wild Orange and smell your house come alive!

7. You might have to come up with some excuses for all those sick days that will never get used…
No joke. You’re gonna have to practice some white lies if you still want to use them because chances you’ll sail through the seasons without a glitch. One of my lovely team members just sent me this message this morning “Hi Karoline, still loving my oils, some of them are nearly empty now!!  (no one in the house has been to the Dr’s since buying the oils!!!)….”

8. You’ll access that feeling of wellness even on the craziest of days!
Enter your emotional toolkit that will help you navigate the craziness that is life some days. ‘Balance’ has changed my life, thank you, wise woman who made me add this to my initial order! I inhale this deeply in the morning and again in the afternoon. Takes me all of 5s but literally resets my overwhelmed brain in an instant, the compounding effects of this is epic. Or a bit of ‘Forgive’ over my heart when mommy-guilt takes over. I could go on… and on. For some more idea of how to include Essential Oils in your Wellness Rituals click here. 

9. You’ll love the feeling of empowerment they give you and you’ll quickly realise that, YES!, you have an oil for that (whatever ‘that’ might be).
When people ask what I do for a living I answer ‘I help people take ownership of their health’, because that is exactly what happens. Having these oils in your home doesn’t mean that you’ll never need a doctor again and that Essential Oils are all you’ll ever use to support your health BUT it does mean that you can manage most things – safely and effectively. You’ll find yourself back at your oils box often, wondering if you have and oil for something that is going on – be it a bee sting, a burn, scraped knees, a super stressed hubby, a sleepless night… and yes, you’ll find that you do. Something that you can reach for then and there and that will most likely do the trick. This is one of the reasons I always recommend you start with the Home Essentials Kit as it will literally mean that you’ll have an oil for everything.

10. Only you will know the answer to this one, but there is always something!
This is the best part, the surprise – the thing you didn’t expect. For me, it was the emotional support the oils gave me. I invested in them to help strengthen my son’s immune system (which worked a treat) but then discovered how they helped me manage my constant overwhelm, helped me stay more grounded and connected me back to me… I get these ‘I never expected…’ stories all the time and I just smile, because there is always something…

I could keep going and going but that kinda blows the concept of a ‘top 10 list’.

There is something else though, and herein lies the real power, when you welcome the oils into your life you’ll also connect with this incredible community. A community full of women just like you, all hellbent on living a better life and owning their own and their families health. It’s powerful and connected and my goodness, do we lack a space to have a healthy conversation about our health these days!

If you’re ready to take the leap then please get in touch on karoline@intuitivewellnessonline.com or follow the instructions HERE.

I can’t wait to welcome you into our community and help you own your health, naturally.